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Below is a brief overview of the types of fishing available in the region for the land based angler wanting to do their own thing.

Firstly a smooth outfit with a well oiled drag system should be used whether it be a spinning reel or overhead reel and be spooled with 6kg line. Leaders should range between 10-15kg.

Running sinker rigs are preferred for bait fishermen. Carry a range of sinkers to cater for varying tides and hook sizes can range up to 3/0 hooks depending on what size bait you use.

Bait fishermen should buy their bait from seafood outlets as the quality will ensure better results. It may cost a bit more but the rewards will prove themselves. Baits can include prawns and squid or mullet/ pilchards.

Below are some recommended land based options, weather permitting. In most cases incoming tides tend to produce more action and tide chart tables are available free of charge from the local service stations.

  • Shipwreck Wharf: Behind St Mary's Church. Good for bream & grunter however can produce the odd screamer. Peeled prawns work well for these bread and butter species.
  • Rex Smeal Park: On the rocks at the Port Douglas headland. Weather needs to be calm and at times can offer queenfish, trevally, barramundi and small black tip reef sharks. Can produce fish on lures. Pilchards, prawns and live bait best.
  • Marina Road Wall: Note: fishing on the marina is prohibited. Good for bream, grunter, mangrove jack, fingermark, trevally and barramundi. Good spot to also throw a lure on dusk. Pilchards, prawns and livebait work well.
  • Southern Four Mile Beach: From the Sailing Club to the mangroves at the end 2km stretch. On calm incoming tides a variety of fish maybe available including trevally, queenfish, dart, whiting, blue salmon, black reef tip sharks and the odd barramundi. Peeled prawns, mullet and live bait best. It is also a good location in particular for fly fishermen on dawn or dusk on the right tide (incoming). Use clousers, deceivers and shrimp patterns. White and chartreuse colours work well on a 7-9 weighted floating line outfit.

Please be advised that crocodiles do inhabit our waters and caution should be taken particularly during low light periods. Please do not leave behind fish/ bait scraps and discarded tackle including plastic bags and fishing line after you have finished.

Negligence is no excuse so please adhere to the legal bag and catch limits which are briefly outlined on the tide table charts available at local service stations. For more information the local DPI Office is located next to the Port Douglas Boat Ramp, and their contact phone number is (07) 4099 5160.

A land based guide is possible to arrange with notice.

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