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Frequently Asked Questions

What time of year is the stinger season?

Stinger season officially begins from the November 1st of each year and usually finishes sometime in May. During this period it is recommended people utilise the stinger net enclosure located at the northern end of Four Mile Beach. The two jellyfish considered most dangerous include the Box and Irakandji jellyfish.

Are crocodiles a problem?

Crocodiles are mainly located in our rivers and estuaries and most public areas (such as boat ramps) are sign posted warning of the danger. Certain upper reaches of our rivers where the water is too cold (such as Mossman Gorge), you will not find crocodiles however always ask a local. Beaches are considered safe locations in our region, however be careful near mangroved areas and never enter the water after dark. Most attacks occur when someone enters the water where crocodiles are normally present. Attacks are very rare and it is usually the fault of the person.

What is the best time of year to fish?

It depends which fish you are targeting. Our Calendar page offers our suggestions. In saying this we believe the period from September to December offers the best all round fishing opportunities and the weather is generally favourable. Click here for more information.

How far is it to the Great Barrier Reef?

From Port Douglas the outer Barrier Reef is 18 nautical miles and the continental shelf is 30 nautical miles. Port Douglas is the closest coastal port to the reef along the east coast. Most boats travel between 20 � 25 knots reaching destinations in approximately one hour.

What are the temperatures at certain times of the year?

April to August: Min. 15°C - Max. 25°C. September to March: Min. 20°C - Max. 35°C. Click here for more information.

What time of year is the wet / cyclone season?

From November and December we experience the build up to the wet season and can experience the odd big down pour. However we tend to receive most of our rain between the end of January through to March. This is the likely time we may also experience cyclone activity in the tropics.

How far is the Daintree?

By car Mossman Gorge is 20 minutes north of Port Douglas, Daintree River Ferry & Daintree Village is 40 minutes and Cape Tribulation is approximately 1hr &15 minutes.

What types of accommodation are available?

Port Douglas is blessed with an extensive array of accommodation places with varying budgets. Such places include: hostels, caravan parks, units, villas, beach & rainforest lodges, 3-5 star resorts and private luxury homes. We can assist in recommending your place of stay.

How many restaurants are there in Port Douglas?

Port Douglas is world known for its dining options with over 50 places to eat. These range from cafes, take aways, hotels, resorts, fine dining restaurants & waterfront dining. Culinary from all over the world is on offer.

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